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How to calculate CGPA for IPUniversity?

The formula for calculation of CGPA is given below:

CGPA Calculator Algorithm
Cni - number of credits of the ith course of the nth semester.
Gni - grade points of the ith course of the nth semester

In easier words :

  1. It calculates the product of 'credits and grade point' for each subject and add them
  2. then divides the result obtained above by the total number of credits
  3. and lastly the final result is rounded off to 2 decimal places

Grading System :

The marks that a student secures from the maximum 100 are to be converted into a grade as a letter.

The grade points are the numerical equivalent of the letter grade assigned to a student based on the total marks obtained by the student. These grade points and letter grades are based on the points scale as given below:

Grade Points
MarksGradeGrade Point

Less than 40
or absent


Grade P, that is the grade point 4 is the course passing grade unless specified otherwise by the Syllabi and Scheme of Teaching and Examination for the respective programme.

For grades below the passing grade (P) as defined in the Syllabi and Scheme of Teaching and Examination, the associated grade points are to be taken equal to zero.

Both the acquired marks and grades are to be reflected on the term end marksheets.

CGPA Divisions :

The successful candidates having an overall CGPA higher than or equal to the minimum CGPA that is specified in the Syllabi and Scheme of Teaching and Examination for the award of the degree, are to be awarded the degree and be placed in Divisions as below:

  • CGPA of 4.00 – 4.99 are to be placed in the Third Division.
  • CGPA of 5.00 – 6.49 are to be placed in the Second Division.
  • CGPA of 6.50 or above are to be placed in the First Division.
  • CGPA of 10 are to be placed in the Exemplary Performance. Exemplary Performance shall be awarded, if and only if, every course of the programme offered to the student is passed in the first chance of appearing in the paper that is offered to the student. A student with an academic break shall not be awarded the exemplary performance.
  • The CGPA x 10 shall be deemed equivalent to percentage of marks obtained by the student for the purpose of equivalence to percentage of marks.

This IPU CGPA Calculator works on the algorithm provided by IPUniversity in the ordinance 11.
~University School of Education,GGSIPU (University Ordinance)
~Ordinance 11